So, Why The Arctic?

The group of people I want to write about exclusively are Inuit. This group is native to the Arctic region, in northern Canada and parts of Greenland. The region most interests me mainly because it is incredible that this a group of indigenous people who have endured the extreme climate for an incredible amount of time. I think that in modern times, we almost take for granted how little we are exposed to any sort of extreme environments, especially here in the US. From what I’ve been able to see at a glance, it seems as though most people feel the drive to visit this region because of that reason. The various touring website’s travel guidelines advocate to someone who wants to experience a raw, adventurous vacation. They mention things like the freshness of food, the availability of outdoor excursion, and the lack of modern amenities like shopping malls, and highways. Conclusively though, there is less of a draw to the modern “tourist”, but more to the general outdoors-people, I guess those who wouldn’t need much convincing to visit on their own accord. From this I determined people would likely visit for fishing/hunting opportunities, adventure style camping, and for isolated, or at least secluded, living conditions.

This is a close-up map of the region:

This is a map of the greater Arctic circle:

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