So, What Do The Columnists Think of the Inuit?

The first article, written by Smith and Valene, addresses how Greenland and the Inuit people had very little contact and encounters with other cultures, such as the Vikings, and even its discovery in the 17th century by European whalers and missionaries invoked little change. It wasn’t until Danish occupation post-WWII that brought a large cultural shift, that now isolates traditional Inuit customs and lifestyles to remote regions. Because of the modern increase in tourism, there has been  a stronger push for other members of the Inuit culture to rediscover tradition for the sake of a profitable business.

The second article, written by seemingly admin of the website, writes about the the hostile environment between the Cree and Inuit people, and the government of Quebec. The Cree and Inuit are the First Nations of Quebec, and are fighting against the proposition to destroy and redirect multiple natural rivers, and build hundreds of roads and airstrips to support the construction of a hydroelectric dam.

Smith, and author of the first article has co-authored a number of articles all related to anthropology and indigenous people. The only bit of information lacking is a clear way to access the authors information and background, so aside from this article also being written in the same genre, there is no way to tell how credible the article truly is. There are no mentions of institutional affiliation, aside from Cultural Survival. Valene, the second author also has no information accessible and has only co-authored one other article on the website, also written with Smith. The article was published in 1982, and is obviously outdated.

The second article was interestingly authored by what seems to be the executives of the newspaper itself. There is no listed author, and the information is titled as an update. The credibility is really determined by the amount of credit given to the publication by other scholars, editors, executives, etc. The article was published in 1991, and is also outdated at this point.

To culminate, both articles, although lacking readily available access to credibility, are written with enough unbiased information, that one can presume the information to be credible, at least in it’s era of publication. Both articles are written in starkly objective format, and not emotionally charged or exclusive. The point of these articles is clearly to provide information and insight into a remote and perhaps underrepresented area of the world.

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